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Why Every Golfer Needs Strength Training

fairport ny fairportny golf golfinjury golfpain golfperformance golfphysicaltherapy golfrehab golfrochester golftips rochestergolf Jan 24, 2022

 While many people don’t think that golf is a sport that creates a lot of stress on the body, we  would beg to differ. For those who play golf year round, or if someone is trying to cram as many rounds as they can before the cooler weather arrives, this can sometimes create more stress than the body is able to handle. The conversations we have with golfers that work with us or are thinking about working with us are focused on ways to improve the body’s durability so the golfer's availability to play multiple rounds per week isn’t affected. 

Strength training is something that we feel like is the missing ingredient for a lot of golfers who are serious about the game but maybe don’t really see the true benefit of it. If you look at the PGA tour, the top players in the world are consistently using strength training as a way to keep their body healthy and fresh to handle the rigors of the season. We would argue that any golfer, regardless of any level, would benefit from this mindset as well. We’re going to go over 3 areas as to why golf athletes need to consider strength training more seriously into their routine. 

Injury Reduction 

Strength training has a significant impact on your ability to stay healthy and reduce the likelihood of getting hurt. We see so many golfers who struggle with nagging low back, hip, and shoulder pain. When diving a little deeper into the conversation, the common theme we come across is there is no strength training in their routine which puts them at a higher risk of potentially getting hurt. 

As you can see, based on some of the research we currently have available, strength training has the most direct impact on injury reduction in comparison to other interventions. Do you want to play more rounds of golf and not be burdened by injuries while doing so? Then strength training is an absolute must in our opinion. 

Power Production 

For power we go back to basic physics: 

If you want to improve your power production, which we know has the potential to improve club head speed, then you need a baseline level of strength first. Having a foundation built on strength allows you to improve force production and then can ultimately improve your likelihood of applying that force faster. If we break down the power equation one more time when looking at it a little differently, we get this: 

Moral of the story? Get stronger by using resistance training as a performance enhancer to have the potential to transfer your gains to the golf swing. 

Performance For Sport And Life

While incorporating strength training has clear benefits for the golf athlete, it also yields some significant positive changes in areas other than just golf. The ability to move better and not be burdened with aches and pains is a key component to living a more fulfilling life. Our motto is to be able to perform for sport and life regardless of what sport or activity you want to partake in.  Yes we want you to be able to perform better on the golf course, but we also want you to be able to do everything needed for your daily life. 


Hopefully these 3 areas we discussed helps you change your stance on strength training and the benefits golfers can get from it. With that being said, starting simple, especially if you're new to strength training, is the best way to find some consistency. If you are looking for some guidance, or have any questions about resistance training and what it can do for your golf game, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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