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Who Do We Treat? 

Active Individuals

You may not necessarily identify with being an athlete per say, but you are active! At least you were before limited mobility or injury slowed you down. Whether it’s taking the dogs for their evening walk, keeping up with kiddos, going to the gym, or getting in a round of golf on the weekends, you deserve to do them pain-free. You were made to move, and we are here to help you get back to that active lifestyle you love.


Although the sport of choice may vary, the frustration and agony of limited mobility, injury, and pain are the same. As athletes ourselves, we understand and are committed to getting you back to your peak performance as soon and as safely as possible. Using cutting-edge therapy, collaboration with other providers when needed, and individualized plans, we work towards stronger more resilient bodies. While we see a number of different sports, we specialize in: 

  • Golfers

    • Your body is the best piece of equipment you'll ever invest in. Don't let your body be the reason you can't hit the links the way you want. Learn about our MANA Golf Performance Program
  • Hockey

    • You need to be prepared for anything and everything in hockey. Pain is not something that you need to continue play through. Let us help you figure out what the issue is so you can continue to play at a high level! 

ACL Recovery

ACL surgery is a process that should not be overlooked. Unfortunately, so many who undergo this surgery do not get the type of guidance needed to get back to their previous level of activity. We have extensive experience working with those going through this recovery process and provide a thorough plan best suited for long term success. Want to learn more? Then check out our ACL Recovery Program!

Services We Offer


In-Person Physical Therapy

Dealing with pain that continues to hamper your daily activity or the ability to play a sport? Are you coming off a surgery that hasn’t allowed you to return to 100% yet? We provide physical therapy that addresses the condition in a very detailed and comprehensive manner to help expedite recovery and get you back to a level of performance you want and deserve.


Online Training/Telehealth

Want the convenience of working with us from wherever you are? This program will help you navigate any current or previous injury that you’ve experienced to help you still do what you want! With our online training app, we will develop a strength training program fully customized to your needs to help you stay consistent with your training. 


Strength & Conditioning

Looking to get stronger, faster, more athletic, or all of the above? We’ll take you through an evaluation that looks at how you move, what limitations you might be dealing with, and develop a plan to improve your athletic ability to have it translate to the sport you play. Let us help you tap into your potential and perform at the highest level you are capable of, while also staying healthy and strong in the process.


Workshops/Speaking Events

Want to have our team of sports physical therapists come talk to your group about a specific topic? Let us know the topic you’d like to have discussed! From injury reduction to maximizing strength training, there are many topics that we can cover for you!