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MANA ACL Recovery

Are You Someone Who: 

  • Was told that you were cleared to return to your sport 6 months after your surgery? 

  • Doesn't feel confident in your leg when playing your sport? 

  • Is still having pain in your knee? 

  • Feels like you need more guidance to get back to 100%?

You're In The Right Place. We Can Help!

Our 3 Step ACL Recovery Process

Test. Test. And Test Some More! 

There are specific benchmarks that we need to consider when returning athletes back to their sport. Unfortunately, many athletes are not tested objectively, which significantly increases their risk of having something happen to the knee when returning to sport or potentially the other knee as well. If these benchmarks aren't met, then we need to strongly reconsider what activities we should be doing, regardless of how far or recent your surgery was. Most ACL recovery timelines are much longer than the traditional 6 month clearance athletes are given.

Build The Foundation.

In most cases with ACL recovery, there is a significant gap between where your body needs to be and where you currently are. Building a strong foundation for you to feel both physically and mentally ready to get back to your sport is crucial to the return to activity process. A lot of people are rushed through the process of building strength because it's not as fun as running, jumping, and all the higher level activity you haven't been able to do. In our eyes, you need to show us you are ready to do so by passing through our tests first and not skip steps! 


Even when you are "cleared" to return to activity, you are not just sent back out there without specific guidelines from us. Our goal is to ensure that when you're back to your sport, we're there with the mindset of dominating and being back to your pre-injury self! Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! We lay out all the necessary steps needed to navigate your return to sport as safely as possible. 

Don't Leave Your Knee Vulnerable If You Don't Feel Ready! 

Reach out and let us know how we can help if you are still struggling with your ACL recovery!