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Pain Free Golf Performance Podcast

Pain Free Golf Performance Podcast

Hosted by: Dr. Russ Manalastas

The Pain Free Golf Performance Podcast with Dr. Russ Manalastas brings you interviews and education from the top golf performance coaches, physical therapists, instructors, and other golf specific brands. Topics range...


Ep34 | We're Back!

After a brief hiatus, we are back with the podcast discussing strategies to consider as the offseason approaches! Make sure you subscribe and tune in as we deep dive into the things you need to be focusing on to...
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Ep33 | Zack Sharrow

Episode #33

Zack Sharrow is the tour director for the Upstate Under Armour Junior Golf Tour and the Director of Operations and Performance at Sorzone Golf Academy. On this episode we discuss Zack's journey to being involved with...
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Ep32 | Jake Newman - Rapsodo Golf

Season #2 Episode #32

Jake Newman is the Golf Marketing Coordinator as Rapsodo Golf. Rapsodo's mobile launch monitor (MLM) was voted best personal launch monitor by MyGolfSpy and also the official launch monitor for Golf Digest. In this...
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Ep31 | Andrew Hannon

Episode #31

Andrew Hannon is a personal trainer and performance coach at Premier Fitness Systems in Scottsdale, Arizona. He's one of Golf Digest's Top 50 Best Golf Fitness Trainers, he's Titleist Performance Institute Certified,...
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Ep30 | Stephanie Molloy

Episode #30

On this episode we are joined by Stephanie Molloy who is a PGA Professional and golf coach at the Golf Performance Center located in Ridgefield, CT. Stephanie wears a lot of hats and we discuss a variety of topics...
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Ep29 | Mike Lombardi - WHOOP Fitness

Mike Lombardi is part of WHOOP's performance team. WHOOP is a fitness tracker that measures 3 pillars for improved performance - sleep, recovery, and strain. On this episode we discuss what WHOOP is, how it works, and...
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Ep28 | Masters Breakdown & Physical Preparation

Episode #28

This episode we break down our thoughts and reflect on a great Masters weekend and why the importance of physical preparation for golf is an underrated aspect that many fail to prioritize! 
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Ep27 | Masters Week & Offseason Training

Episode #27

This week we are introducing shorter solo episodes from Dr. Russ to give you some of his thoughts on what he'll be doing with his golf clients as the offseason approaches. He also gives you his top 3 golfers that...
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Ep26 | Mike Napoleon - Superspeed Golf

Episode #26

Mike Napoleon is a PGA professional, TPI certified, and Co-Founder of Superspeed Golf Training System. Superspeed golf utilizes overspeed training to help golf athletes swing faster and improve club head speed to...
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Ep25 | Jeff Urzetta

Episode #25

Jeff Urzetta is a PGA Instructor and Head Of Instruction at Oak Hill Country Club and Quail Valley Golf Club. Jeff has a long lineage of golf professionals in his family and he discusses his journey into the golf...
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Ep24 | Lisa Scally

Lisa Scally is an Assistant PGA Instructor at Oak Hill Country Club and the Director of Junior Golf at the club. In addition to Lisa playing professionally during her career and now being an instructor, her family...
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Ep23 | Mike Boyko

Episode #23

Mike Boyko is the owner of Tempo In Motion Golf. Tempo In Motion utilizes click tracks and audio beats to help lock in a rhythm that is customized to golfers to help them maintain consistent tempo throughout practice...
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