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Ep23 | Mike Boyko

Episode #23

Mike Boyko is the owner of Tempo In Motion Golf. Tempo In Motion utilizes click tracks and audio beats to help lock in a rhythm that is customized to golfers to help them maintain consistent tempo throughout practice and when competing. Mike is a professional drummer who has performed at the highest level with many notable bands throughout his career so he brings a very unique background to the golf space. Tune in and listen to what he has to say about how Tempo In Motion came about, how he utilizes it, and why mindfulness is such key component for golfers. 

0:58 – Mike’s Origin Story 

4:30 – When Tempo In Motion Became A Tangible Idea

7:40 – What Is Flow State?

19:30 – How Tempo In Motion Works

25:25 – Implementing & Practicing With Tempo In Motion 

28:40 – What Golfers Struggle With When Trying To Implement Tempo In Motion

 31:20 - What's In The Bag

32:35 – Shotgun Round 

41:14 – Words Of Wisdom

Instagram: @tempo_in_motion