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Ep25 | Jeff Urzetta

Episode #25

Jeff Urzetta is a PGA Instructor and Head Of Instruction at Oak Hill Country Club and Quail Valley Golf Club. Jeff has a long lineage of golf professionals in his family and he discusses his journey into the golf world, his approach to teaching golf clients, and what he focuses on with clients when trying to improve their approach off the tee!

0:58 - Origin Story 
3:36 – Jeff’s Path To Golf Instruction
7:30 – Splitting Time Between 2 Golf Clubs
13:50 – Working With Clients Who Have Been Through Multiple Instructors
19:26 – What Jeff Thinks Golfers Struggle With The Most
23:52 – What’s In The Bag
25:41 - Shotgun Round
31:57 – Words Of Wisdom

Instagram: @JeffUrzetta

E-mail: [email protected]