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Ep26 | Mike Napoleon - Superspeed Golf

Episode #26

Mike Napoleon is a PGA professional, TPI certified, and Co-Founder of Superspeed Golf Training System. Superspeed golf utilizes overspeed training to help golf athletes swing faster and improve club head speed to increase their distance with their clubs. On this episode we discuss the origin of Superspeed, how best to utilize it, and what golfers need to focus on if they want to increase their distance!

1:00 – Origin Story

8:39 – Gaining Mainstream Momentum With Superspeed

11:03 – The Foundations Of Superspeed Golf

15:40 – Which Superspeed Set Is Right For You? 

17:50 – Is More Swings Better With Overspeed Training? 

19:45 – Examples Of Big Swing Speed Jumps

24:27 – The #1 Thing Golfer’s Struggle With The Most

26:20 – What’s In The Bag

28:15 – Shotgun Round

34:23 – Words Of Wisdom

35:25 – Other Products Superspeed Has


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