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Ep33 | Zack Sharrow

Episode #33

Zack Sharrow is the tour director for the Upstate Under Armour Junior Golf Tour and the Director of Operations and Performance at Sorzone Golf Academy. On this episode we discuss Zack's journey to being involved with golf, his roles and responsibilities when it comes to the Under Armour Junior Tour, and where he feels like junior golf currently is in the Upstate New York region. 

1:00 - Origin Story
4:45 - The UA Junior Tour
8:08 - UA Junior Tour NY Details
12:55 - What separates the UA Junior Tour from other tournaments
16:35 - The state of junior golf in western NY
20:46 - What junior golfers struggle with most
24:47 - What's in the bag
28:16 - Shotgun round
36:20 - Words of wisdom

Instagram - @uajuniortour_ny, @sharrow9